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InterCity C&S Show 2017: Plants, Crowds, Purchases

Lithops in a beautiful pot. 

This year's Intercity Cactus & Succulent show offered wonderful plants for sale and wonderful plants on display.  The sale was crowded and hectic for a person not fond of crowds and hectic-ness.

At the edge of the tumult:

Obstacle course and temptations everywhere
Though the weather was incredibly pleasant for the San Gabriel Valley in mid-August, the shade cover was most appreciated.
Should have gotten a Gymnocalcium or two or three, but I kept purchases to a minimum.
Didn't buy a pot this time.
This shot was taken when the crowd thinned out.  Beloved bravely and patiently took all the photos in this post, except the last two. 
Is that Echeveria 'Ebony' back there? 

The buy-line was long but moved quickly.  All hail the clubs hosting this show and sale:  they are very well organized.  

Now on to some cool show plants...this one had a special pvc structure to be displayed
Crested Echinopsis.  Do you suppose it blooms?  
Crested Cleistocactus, …

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